Monday, July 19, 2010


The post is very mengarut but i still want to type watever in my mind. Letting go of an ideal n sense of harapan to make my blog not so schema okeyh. By da new notebook & the fast internet in USIM =)

FPSK. Got fatigue in da 1st day. Compartment bodi aku pon dah macam dehydrate lak. Yark..i didnt know why but aku tidur cukup je, 8 jam sehari.
''Human brain is just not built to work well wif probabilities...u need to gain enough rest" someone gave me nasehat tu. so.. i'll follow dat rule. Comel kan =.=.

p/s: nak activate balik blog ni (^_^) n elevate english aku yg tersedia hancus~
Help me 999

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